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Tension Packer


The T-32 Tension Set Service Packer is a heavy duty, full bore packer designed for Squeeze Cementing, Acidizing, Testing or Fracturing operations. The use of this packer is especially desirable under conditions where the pressure differential is from below and the use of a compression packer is prohibited. The opposing slips enable the T-32 to remain packed off during pressure reversals. This Packer uses a dependable three element system to reliably hold high pressures at high temperatures. The TS Unloader is run in conjunction with the T-32 Packer to allow equalization of tubing and annulus pressures. It makes up directly to the T-32 mandrel eliminating extraneous connections. Considered the most rugged tension set service packer available, it is well suited for repeated and continuous use under the harshest of conditions.


  • Shallow testing and treating operations
  • General-purpose service work
  • Squeeze cementing
  • Cased-hole production testing


  • Bi-directional slips hold differential pressure from above and below
  • Simple rig friendly 1/3 turn at the tool to set and release
  • Full opening
  • Internal safety joint
  • Field proven design
  • Runs with TS Unloader which allows circulation of well fluids during run-in
Tension Packer Specifications


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