Service Tools

Blackhawk's Brute 1TM Storm Valve Blackhawk’s Brute 1TM Storm Valve is designed to isolate drill pipe below the BruteTM Packer for disconnection during a weather emergency or surface equipment repair.
Tension PackerThe T-32 Tension Set Service Packer is a heavy duty, full bore packer designed for Squeeze Cementing, Acidizing, Testing or Fracturing operations. The use of this packer is especially desirable under conditions where the pressure differential is from below and the use of a compression packer is prohibited.
THD Mechanical Service PackerThe THD Mechanical Service Packer is designed for general purpose high pressure service work. The THD uses keyed internal connections, allowing transmission of high torque through the packer.
BruteTM Packer Blackhawk’s BruteTM Packer is designed for general purpose high-pressure and high-tensile service work. Ideal for use as a storm packer: compatible with Blackhawk’s
1,000,000lb Brute 1TM Storm Valve.



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