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QUP Retrievable Bridge Plug

The Retrievable Bridge Plug/Packer was designed for well control when nipples are damaged or non-existent. The Retrievable Bridge Plug/Packer features the same patented ratchet and release mechnaism of the QRTP which, has been used to successfully set and retrieve hundred of plugs.

As the inner mandrel is being drawn up, the steel screws in the slips ramp moves in the slots in the gripper cage until they bottom out. This in turn pulls the ramp away from the elastomer anchorage to the tubing wall. The Retrievable Bridge Plug/Packer can hold pressures of up tp 7500 psi from both directions and still be retreiveable through restrictions.

A standard GS Tool is required to release this tool. The Retrievable Bridge Plug/Packer has been designed with small diameters, so it can be set anywhere in the production tubing with slickline, e-line and/or coil tubing. Due to extreme downhole temperatures, the elastomers may bond to the production tubing. However, the Retrievable Bridge Plug/Packer can still be jarred through the elastomer without being caught in the slips.
  • Snubbing
  • Wellhead Removal
  • Gas Lift
  • Abandonments
  • Water Shutoff
  • Offshore Collision Control
  • Thru Tubing Packer Hanger


  • Sour Well Suppression
  • Wellbore Stimulation
  • Pressure & Temperature Recording
  • Pump-Seating for Slimhole Completions
  • Slickline or Electric Line Service
  • H2S CO2 Service

Comparison of QRTP and QUP
The Retrievable Tubing Packer was designed for well control when nipples are damaged or non-existent. The QUP is an evolution of the Retrievable Tubing Packer (RTP).

Retrievable Tubing Packer (RTP)

  • Elastomers are located above the grippers
  • 4 Serrated Gripper System
  • Bottom Sub with Mechanical Seal
  • Avalon Top Packer and the RTP straddle system
  • Released with and Avalon GS Releasing Tool
  • No centralizer on the prong
  • Patented Ratchet / Release Mechanism
  • Set on Electric Line

Ultimate Packer (QUP)

  • Elastomers are located below the grippers
  • 2 Serrated Gripper / 1 Smooth Gripper
  • Bottom Sub with Mechanical and O-ring Seal
  • Two QUPs - straddle system
  • Released with a standard GS Tool
  • Centralizer pinned onto the prong body
  • Patented Ratchet / Release Mechanism
  • Set on Slickline / Electric Line
Advantages of the QUP
Specification Guide for QUP & Elastomers


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