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Trinity T-1 Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer


The "T-1 Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer is a high quality tool for squeeze cementing. The sleeve valve is controlled from the surface by simply picking up to close and setting down to open.
This Retainer is set on the tubing string or drill pipe using a mechanical setting tool. The tubing may be tested before squeeze takes place. The valve is automatically closed when releasing retainer.

Conversion to wireline set is easy and requires minimal parts. The retainer sustains high pressure and temperature.


  • Tubing set
  • Drillable
  • Cast iron construction
  • One piece slips - hardened to depth of wicker only
  • Sets in any grade casing including P-110
  • Form-fitting metal back-ups prevent rubber extrusion
  • For temporary or permanent service
  • Ratcheting lock ring holds setting force



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