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Suggested Drilling Techniques

The following is a general guide for the most successful drill out technique:

Bit –
New, medium tooth, hard formation.
Rotary speed – 80 R.P.M. normal (120 R.P.M. as required).
Weight on bit – Apply 5,000 – 7,000 lbs Until the top end of the center body of retainer or plug is drilled away (3-5 inches for 4-1/2 thru 7: and 5-9 inches for 7-5/8” and larger tools). Additional weight can now be applied across the full bit diameter (i.e. 4-1/2 bit use 9,000-13,500 lbs. of weight).
Drill Collars – Minimum of 8 for 4-1/2 thru 5-1/2 tools – 12 or more for 7” and larger tools.
Spudding the work string and variations in rotary speed and set down weight should be used to aid in breaking up large metal parts and preventing bit "tracking”. One or more junk baskets should be used above the bit when normal circulation is employed.


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