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PDC Composite Bridge Plugs

Trinity Tools offers composite bridge plugs for use in a wide range of sizes and specifications.  Plugs are available sized for tubulars ranging from 2 3/8 tubing to 9 5/8 casing.  They are also designed to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees and differential pressures up to 10,000 psi.
Trinity PDC Ball Drop Bridge Plug Mill E-Z Ball Drop: After setting, the tool remains open for fluid flow and allows wireline services to continue until the ball drop isolation procedure has started. Once the surface-dropped ball is pumped down and seated in to the inner funnel top of the tool, the operator can pressure up against the plug to achieve isolation.
Trinity PDC Composite Bridge Plug The PDC Composite Bridge Plug are used for temporary isolation in multi-stage vertical or horizontal completion operations. Comprised of proprietary composite material that ensures a low metallic content, the Composite Bridge Plug can be quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface.
Trinity PDC Composite Bridge Plug Pump Down The PDC Composite Bridge Plug Pump Down Plug is utilized mostly for multi-stage horizontal completions. Although Composite Plugs can be equipped with Pump Down Wipers, the PDC Composite Bridge Plug Pump Down Plug enables the wireline, guns, CCL, plug and other BHA’s to be pumped to a desired depth.
Trinity PDC Flo Back Bridge PlugMill E-Z™ Flo-Back: When the pressure below the plug is greater than the pressure above, the one-way check valve will allow the two zones to commingle. The operator can independently treat or test each zone and then remove the flo-back plug(s) in one trip with conventional milling or drilling tools.
Trinity PDC Long Range Bridge Plug

The Long Range™ composite frac plug is Magnum's latest offering to enable operators to isolate wellbores in challenging applications. Because of the tool's slim outer diameter and expansive reach, The Long Range™ can pass through damaged casing, restricted internal casing diameters, or existing casing patches in the well bore.


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